Economic prosperity is important on both a national and local scale, enabling communities to improve their economic future. The current economic and socio-economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is placing increasing stress on local communities and businesses. This is placing greater emphasis on local council's ability to provide timely access to data and insights in support of fact-based economic development strategy and planning.

A wide range of variables influence economic development in municipalities. Many of these are beyond the direct control or influence of local governments. However, local governments can play an important role in facilitating better conditions for economic development within their LGAs. Councils' roles include devising long-term economic development strategies, and creating suitable conditions for economic development.

Backed by our own intellectual property, database and data visualisations, we are currently supporting a number of Councils and Business Chambers in Australia with economic and socio-economic data insights. This includes Council benchmarking, analysis of economic indicators including employment/unemployment, jobseeker/jobkeeper, tourism economy, commuter economy, construction economy, and socio-economic indicators including homelessness, social housing, crime, and many others.

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