ALOHACloud for Government IT Operations – Distributed Real-time Data and Collaboration Digital Experiences


Government organisations grapple with fragmented, legacy, and new-but-disconnected technologies. The explosion of new market offerings has created innumerable challenges for digital transformation initiatives.  Yet the skills to bring together these many systems, logic, and designholisticallyis not the same as it once was.

The opportunity of tangible uncovered bottlenecks, streamlined process improvements, compounding benefits — obvious and less obvious — all translates to new cost-savings and “value-up” growth at the bottom-line.

This drives more data and insights, which drives collaboration, focused action and real improvements — which drives more data.

In Australia, many Government agencies have increasing challenges around system security, integration and single-signon (SSO), having so many different, poorly integrated, systems. For example, they may have multiple BI/Reporting systems such as QLIK, Tableau, SAS, Cognos or PowerBI, as well as multiple collaboration tools such as Yammer, Sharepoint, Slack, Jira, Confluence, OneDrive, Dropbox etc. They may have multiple authentication methods in place, such as Okta as well as proprietary methods. It’s messy, complicated and inefficient.

AlohaCloud brings together old (legacy) and new (SaaS) data, apps, process, and people.

How our customers use AlohaCloud is virtually without limits but all have one thing in common – they start with a challenge, design an experience to bring together content, data, applications, and users – with a purpose – for insights, collaboration, and ultimately action.

Whether the users are internal or external, the applications are SaaS or legacy, the content in different silos, so much is possible with AlohaCloud, in nearly every industry and across dozens of use cases.

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