ALOHACloud – Holistic, Immersive Digital Experience Platform

AlohaDXP is the coordination of mind and heart, be it personal, at a team level, or in the enterprise.

We believe it means achieving harmony with people, apps, processes, data, actions, and results. It means transcending from legacy chaotic IT backlogs to building ridiculously easy, scalable, integrated digital experiences for better and faster outcomes.


Security – Trust in both your data and stakeholders is vital to innovate and compete effectively. AlohaDXP runs on a distributed ledger and all data is stored and indexed in an immutable, fully permissioned enterprise blockchain.
Intelligence – While federating and trusting your data is a huge move forward for any enterprise, fully making sense of that data is the next step to empowering all your employees. AlohaDXP has a BI layer for all data that runs on IBM Watson.
Compliancy – Data and privacy laws are taking shape around the globe with Europe leading the way on GDPR. Our platform is fully compliant with these efforts and ready to protect your corporate and personal privacy.

Want to Learn more?

Given the enterprise strategic nature of the solution, and confidential discussions specific to our clients, contact us for more information or a demo.